Justin Buck Recommends 3 Tips for Beginning Adult Swimmers

Justin Buck is a decorated swimmer for Stanford University, and as such has extensive experience in the water. Learning to swim as an adult can be tricky because most people have developed some fear of the water. However, this should not discourage you, and it is very feasible that you will be comfortable and able to swim in the water sooner than you would expect.

Justin Buck

  • Googles are Non-negotiable


Justin Buck cannot express how important goggles are to anyone that wants to swim in the pool or otherwise. Pools have chlorine in the water which is really harsh on your eyes, so you must have goggles if you plan on doing any serious swimming. Yes, it is possible to swim in a pool for a few hours without goggles, but your eyes will still be red and irritated when you decide to leave. Goggles also need to be replaced every few months, so always have a backup pair in your bag just in case something happens to them.


  • Put Your Face in the Water


Justin Buck wants you to get comfortable while you are swimming, and the only way to do this is to submerge your face in the water. Many people think that they can still hold their head marginally out of the water while they are swimming, but this isn’t the case. You will have to place your face in the water, and pivot to breathe under your arm while you are swimming. However, depending on the stroke, you can breathe easily without waiting for an opportunity. Justin Buck reminds you that when you swim backstroke your face is out of the water the whole time, so you do not have to pivot your head to breathe.


As a new swimmer, Justin Buck cannot insist how important it is that you are in the pool as much as possible. Like anything you want to be good at you will have to practice. Thankfully, Swimming is a very healthy hobby, so you can improve your physical health while you are having fun.


Justin Buck hopes that you use these tips to become the best swimmer than you can be, no matter how late in your life you decided to enter the sport.